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All the apartments are ideally located in the center of Reyjavik. They have all been refurnished and are recently renovated. All necessary amenities are in short walking distance from the apartments. Grocery stores, banks, bars and the best Restaurants Iceland has to offer are just a few minutes away. We take pride in making your stay as comfortable as we can and look forward to hosting you. 



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Are you up for some skiing?

Well if the answer is yes then check out
Bláfjöll, it's only about
30 minutes away from Reykjavík.
Bláfjöll is a must go to place
while visiting Iceland, before the snow
goes away i'd recommend going their.
From my personal experience I had a
blast whilst at Bláfjöll 10/10 would
go again.

Business Days: 14.00-21.00
Weekends: 10.00-17.00





Giant storm coming up soon in Iceland.

There is a giant storm that is about to hit
Iceland likely tomorrow.
This is said to be one of the worst
storms Iceland has ever had.
Reaching a whopping 25 meters
per second remember to be cautious 
and try to stay inside :).




It's Þorláksmessa today and the last day before Christmas

starts, don't worry though because the stores are open


midnight so you have plenty of time to finish the


shopping. Fun fact usually you are suppos to eat skata

or skate

on this day so give it a try!



The Icelandic Phallological Museum.

This museum is probably the only one in the world

that holds phallic specimens of various mammals

in one country. The Icelandic Phallological Museum has

over two hundred penises and penile parts belonging to

almost all the land animals and sea ones. The creation

of the museum happened when the founder of the

museum Sigurður Hjartarson (born 1941) had the

idea when his co workers brought a whale penis to

him just for fun a couple times, he thought to him self

that it would be interesting to collect mammal penesis

from various species.



The Yule Lads

These are the Icelandic santa clauses, set to come 13 days

before christmas they were originally portrayed as being


or even criminal,

pranksters who would steal from people.

Modern depiction

of the Yule lads is more like

Santa clause, more fun and happier.

The 13 Yule lads and grýla og leppalúði, who are their parents.

Stekkjarstaur (Sheep-Cote Clod)

Giljagaur (Gully Gawk)
Stúfur (Stubby)
Þvörusleikir (Spoon-Licker)
Pottaskefill (Pot-Scraper)
Askasleikir (Bowl-Licker)
Hurðaskellir (Door-Slammer)
Skyrgámur (Door-Slammer)
Bjúgnakrækir (Sausage-Swiper)
Gluggagægir (Window-Peeper)
Gáttaþefur (Doorway-Sniffer)
Ketkrókur (Meat-Hook)
Kertasníkir (Candle-Stealer)

The -icelandic -yule -lads 




Gullfoss is probably the most famous tourist attraction

in Iceland. The water plummets down 32 meters

in two stages into a rugged canyon which then makes

a wall that reaches up to 70 meters in height.

My experience

at the Waterfall was to say the least jaw dropping,

it wasn't so fancy when I went we had to go down a tight

staircase and it was usually really wet but it was definitely

worth it,

of course now it has changed a bit and its much easier to

make it up close and personal with the waterfall,

but as I said it's worth having a look at sometime in your


Gullfoss Winter


National Museum of Iceland

The National Museum of Iceland is a great place to go to

if its raining in Reykjavik, which is every other day.

Well maybe not every other day but it rains alot

in Iceland and if today is the day its raining check out

this amazing museum that

holds 2,000 artefacts from various parts of Iceland and

everything to do with Icelands

history from the medieval days of the Viking settlements

to the current state of Iceland.

A wonderful museum that I recommend checking out.


 National _museum _iceland


Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is a must go to place if you visit Iceland.

Located in a lava field in Grindavík,

the water is rich in silica and sulphur that

helps make your skin better.

The mineral rich water has helped a lot of people

that have a skin disease. The Blue lagoon even

have their own research and development facilities

that help you find cures for skin diseases. The swimming

and bathing areas have temperatures

of 37 - 39 °C (98–102 °F). It's a marvelous place

that you should go to while in Iceland.

If you're planning on going to the Blue Lagoon visit

their top notch website





Vesturbæjarlaug was established 1961 in the west side

of Reykjavik or "Vesturbær", it has five hot tubs with

various temperatures and

back massage devices in the hot tubs,

they also have a sauna and two 25 m (82.021) long

swimming pools.

How much does it cost?
Kids (6 - 17 years) 140 ISK.
Adults (18 years and older) 900 ISK.

When is Vesturbæjarlaug open?
Monday - Thursday 06:30 - 22:00.
Friday 06:30 - 20:00.
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00.
Sunday 11:00 - 19:00.

Hofsvallagata, 107 Reykjavík.

 Vesturbaejarlaug _0





If you want to have an awesome day go to Egilshöll for a bit of tennis, skating, bowling maybe have a intense workout then after that you can go to the cinema and enjoy the newest movies in town.

Located in Grafarvogur, Fossaleyni 1, 112 Reykjavík.


Egils (2)

It´s time for the Northern Lights to dance!


Iceland is amongst the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. This spectacular phenomenon can usually be seen in Iceland from the midst of October until April. However, just like nature itself the Icelandic weather is quite unpredictable so there is never a guarantee!

There are few things to keep in mind in order to maximize the chance to spot the Auroras.

  • Make sure to visit during wintertime since darkness is a crucial factor. Some say that November to February are the best months to visit since they are the darkest ones. This is however a bit complicated since these are also generally the months with the worst weather.
  • Weather is of course quite important and keep in mind that the optimal condition is clear dark sky and cold temperature.
  • The Northern Lights can sometimes be spotted in the capital despite the brightness of city lights but it is nevertheless recommended to drive at least 30-45 minutes outside Reykjavík to increase the chances.
  • It is of course possible to rent a car and take your own chances in catching the dance of the Auroras, and if you find yourself traveling around Iceland why not check out Stykkishólmur, Ísafjörður or Akureyri?
  • Guided tours are however highly recommended and most tourist information offices can either book or sell direct tickets.
  • The Icelandic Meterological Office provides a daily Aurora forecast on its website:
  • It almost goes without saying but good outdoor shoes and warm clothes are essential!


So what causes the Northern Lights? 

According to the Northern Lights Centre, the Northern Lights are the result of collission between gaseous particles in the Earth´s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun´s atmosphere which causes a display of bright, colourful and surreal dancing light. 


Netherlands v Iceland!

Iceland the small country of 300.000 people

face the soccer giants Netherlands and

their world class players in Amsterdam today.

The Netherlands might rememeber the last

time they played againts Iceland in

Reykjavik when Iceland pulled off an

upset by winning them 2 - 0, they'll definitely

be seeking revenge.

This is a rather important game for the

dutch country to get closer to Iceland in

the race to the UEFA competition which is

in France next year.

Game starts tonight at 6:45 and is

on RUV which is free.


Holland V Iceland




Icelandic Beer!

Everyone likes beer especially the Icelanders, we even celebrate our own national beer day on March the 1st.

Last year 340,000 cans of beer were consumed on that day and there are only 318,000 people

in the whole country!

The nations biggest beer brands are Víking and Egils Gull, we are also known for our small indepentent microbrewery companies such as Kaldi, Einstök og Bríó.




First day of summer.

First day of summer has already passed but the picture below describes more what is going on then the word summer does. It is freezing still and snowing up north. My suggestion is that we move the first day of summer one monta ahead.

Lonið með selum




23.04 2014

First day of summer!

In First Day of Summer is celebrated in Iceland with a holiday on the third Thursday in April. Traditionally, the weather is anything but summery but this year it seem very promising for a sunny day and hopefully a fantastic summer.

Austurvollur _minnkadur



03.01 2014 

The new year here in Iceland is off at a great start.

The northern lights are glowing and the good spirits are flowing:)
The days are gettng brighter and brighter adding about 5 minutes to each day every 24 hours. 
We here at Reykjavik apartments hope that your new year is also off at a terrfic start:)


17.10 2013

The northern lights are here!

The northern lights are starting to appear in the sky here in Iceland and have been amazing the last couple of nights.

The northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, can be experienced in Iceland during the winter time, especially on those clear, crisp nights, where they appear in a variety of colours and intensity, either twirling gently in shades of milky green, or occasionally blazing in a wild and multi-coloured dance across the night sky.

Norðurljós 14.okt

The northern lights seen from Reykjavik on October 14th. 2013.



23.09 2013

Is winter coming early this year?

After a rainy summer this year 2013 we are starting to feel that winter is around the corner here in Iceland. Leaves are falling from the trees in all colors and Icelandic farmers have started collecting their sheep in the so called "Réttir" to sort them and get them inside before winter.

The sunset is spectacular during this time of year and can be seen around 7:30 in the evening. The nights are getting dark again and the northern lights may start to appear in the sky.

The weather in Iceland can be tricky and change rapidly during this time of year so we recommend that you check the weatherforecast before you decide where to go and explore the country and it's nature.

 sólarlag 22.9 2013

 The sunset in Iceland 22.09 2013.



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